Drupal 6 Era Ends with the Release of Drupal 8

Drupal, a free and open source content management platform is known its flexibility and scalability. Being one among the most popular platforms, Drupal keeps adding new features frequently with the release of every new version.

Recently, the platform released its latest version (Drupal 8) which has been receiving great reviews for ease of use and multilingual capabilities. While the entire world is celebrating the release of Drupal 8 (latest version), it’s really hard to notice a sad news which is worth the attention for Drupal 6 website owners.

What’s the sad news? We all know that Drupal officially supports only two major versions of it; that is the latest version and the previous one. With the release of Drupal 8, focus of Drupal community has just been shifted to it and its previous version Drupal 7. So, there will be no place for Drupal 6 anymore. But the site owners need not worry as there is a positive solution for it.

Stay calm and upgrade your website

  • Drupal 6 officially becomes unsupported and the community will no longer be creating new projects, fixing bugs in the existing ones, developing security or other updates. It also has to be noted that no core commits will be made to the official tree, and the Drupal community will no longer provide support and security advisories. The website which stays on the unsupported Drupal version might be vulnerable to yet-to-be-discovered security vulnerability. So is there any solution for it? Yes, there is.
  • In order to have the community’s on-going support and also to enjoy the latest improvements, the owners of Drupal 6 running websites are advised to get upgraded to a newer version. They can upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 which has just been released, or to already proven version Drupal 7, so that they will have the community support for few more years ahead (at least till the release of Drupal 9). The owner’s choice might depend on many factors like complexity of the website, amount of custom modules and so on.

However, the Drupal 6 running websites are not going to stop functioning abruptly. The community has decided to give some time to Drupal 6 website owners to make changes on their website or upgrade to the newer versions. They will have support from the community for some period of time (three months from the release of Drupal 8). But if the site owners fail to do so before the time period ends, the websites will no longer be supported.   

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