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WordPress, being one of the most popular content management platforms, has always been into continuous development. It might be the introduction of some new features, plugins and so on. Enhancement of the platform being the main motive, WordPress has come up with some minor tweaks on the site. We can see that looks a bit different from how it was before.

The site has got more than just a facelift and the modifications are really exciting. Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, says on his blog that this project (named Calypso) took almost about 20 months to complete. He also says that managing the WordPress sites will be much easier than it was ever before. Also, there is a new Mac app which allows you to access your dashboard right from the desktop.

Below mentioned are some of the new features:

  1. Manage Multiple Sites: You can easily manage multiple WordPress sites as you will now have a drop down menu to toggle between the sites.
  2. Easy Comment Moderation: You can see the moderation of comments as they are all kept in one place (right side of the screen) where you can reply to them with just a click. If you have the app, you will also be notified when you get comments.
  3. Social Integration: Social media integration is much easier; you can easily connect to Twitter and Facebook to share the posts automatically with just a tap of a button. Also, you can drag and drop the images or group of images into the text to create a gallery.   
  4. Mobile Management: Mobile management will be seamless with the new structure. Earlier, it was a cramp for the users to write up some text on a tablet or a phone; but now, the new structure is optimized in such a way that you can edit and contribute on the go.  

Of course, all the above features are incredibly exciting but what makes stand aside? Here are the changes:

  1. WordPress sites will now be powered by JS and REST API instead of PHP and MySQL.
  2. React, TNode.js and Flus are taking jQuery’s spot as the third-party library.
  3. The code reviews will be done through pull requests and frequent hangouts.

Matt Mullenweg on his blog post had made a chart, detailing all the changes. He says that, WordPress is 100% open source and is open for development in future.

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