Migrating to Magento 2: How will it Affect Your Business?

Magento 2 is an open source ecommerce project that facilitates the improvement of Magento core products. Basically, it’s an absolute revamp of the old Magento version which is expected to outperform Magento 1 by 20%. It’s a good move that you have decided to get migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2 but the migration involves 3 main components which you must be aware of.

  1. Data: While getting migrated to Magento 2, you will have to port all your customer details, key products, store configurations, order data and other things to Magento 2. So to make the migrating process easier and efficient, Magento has come up with a data migration tool which makes it easy for you to port all your data.
  2. Extensions: You must also consider updating the extensions; the Magento Development Community is already working on it and the updated extensions will be on Magento Connect once Magento 2 becomes generally available.
  3. Themes and Customizations: Magento 2 makes use of new technologies to create a matchless shopping experience to the users. But in order to take the advantage of these advancements, the developers will have to make changes on the themes and customizations.

You don’t have to worry if you are currently using the old version of Magento as you have several options to upgrade to Magento 2. You can just tailor your own path if you switch to Magento 2. You will not be left alone even if you decide to stick to the current version as Magento will be supporting Magento 1 products for three more years. But the fact is that, the new features will not be added to Magento 1. So migrating would be the better choice. But how will it affect your business?

  1. Magento 2 is not just about the improvements made on performance, payment and checkout; it’s all about adapting to the community surrounding Magento itself.
  2. One major change you can expect in Magento 2 is that, the Magento Connect will be replaced by a real app store. Also, the platform makes sure that there will be a verification process for extension developers. So even if the extensions will be less, they will be of high quality.
  3. Merchants will be able to find the required extension sooner and they can stay confident that the extension will not break their store in any way.

So if you are not sure about your next step, don’t hesitate to request a quote. Magento 2 might seem out of your way but it’s true that any good project needs lot of planning and hard work.  

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