20 Tips to Creating a Profitable Website

2 July 2012

Berlin : 
20 points to consider when creating your new web site:

1. Research and create unique content.
2. Use simple graphics.
3. Create page / site design and layout.
4. Register Domain name (use sub-domains as required)
5. Contend contained in sentences and short paragraphs.
6. Use sub headlines on every page.
7. Use quality web hosting.
8. Site should be people friendly.
9. Meta tags are still important for many search engines.
10. Create advertising and search engine promotion plan.
11. Link to other relevant sites.
12. Cross linking pages within the page content.
13. Create fast loading pages between 10k to 30k.
14. Keep your site updated regularly.
15. Your site must be search engine friendly.16. Create ad-copy for promotion purposes.
17. Create a number of short descriptions of your site.
18. List your site in relevant Directories.
19. List your site with the major search engines.
20. Continue adding new pages and new content to your site.

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