Google Stopping its Support on Updating Chrome for Android 4.0

16 March 2015

Berlin: Today, most of the software developers are trying to attract users by releasing the updates frequently. This will not only help developers in ensuring the users with something that is currently in trend, but also obtains the best features and keep those up with time. But this up gradation would need to stop at some point of time because of the legacy versions. Now, this happens to be the case with Chrome and older versions of Android. Google has already announced that it would stop releasing the updates for older versions of Android.    

Chrome 42 will be the last update for Android 4.0:

Earlier, the Google Chrome browser was available only for desktop and laptop computers and later it arrived for our Android devices. Chrome beta for Android arrived three months after the launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It was released in the year 2012; ever since then the Chrome has been meticulously updated. But the recent news is that, the next version of Chrome (Chrome 42) will be the last update they would provide on Android 4.0.

The future versions of Chrome will at least require Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Version 42 is all set to arrive in the month of April and it is said to be the 25th update of the Chrome ever since the beta was released. And also, when the Chrome 43 gets released in May, the devices which are running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will not receive any update; but the older version of Chrome still works on those devices.

Reasons for stopping the updates:

Over the past twelve months, the share of devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is reduced by 30% when compared to the share of the previous year. Also, most of the devices are getting upgraded to Jelly Bean and later versions. This has been the main reason for Google dropping the support for Chrome on Ice Cream Sandwich. But according to Google, just 6% of the Android devices are running on Android 4.0. So it’s thinking to devote the resources running on 4.0, and concentrate on the later Android versions. 

Recently, a blog on Google said that, supporting Ice Cream Sandwich adds up code complexity as it involves workarounds and special cases. It certainly reduces the performance while slowing down the development. So, the later versions not supporting Android 4.0 must be good news for Chrome as we can see a notable improvement in the performance.

Third party developers want their app to be updated:

While still this decision is in news, there are much wider implications to the announcement. The perseverance in keeping the Chrome updated for a three year old OS has made some third party developers keeping their apps updated for the older versions of Android.

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