Google Updates – 2012

19 March 2013


Berlin: 2012 was a Busy Year for Google with rolling out of 13 Panda Updates, 3 Penguin Updates and other search improvements like launching of Search Plus your World, Page Layout algorithm and other updates which affected the way SEO works.


Now, that we just have entered a New Year, let us do a RECAP of the TOP 10 most talked about SEO news for 2012 that made a big buzz in the SEO Community.


1. Panda Update 22 and Penguin 3

Google rolled out its refresh to the Panda algorithm in November 21. The said refresh was said to have impacted about 0.8 percent of search queries in English.


2. Panda update 21 and 20

Last November 5, Google released its Panda Update 21 which had impacted 0.4 percent of queries. The said refresh was confirmed by Google to be aimed at targeting exact match low quality domains.

Meanwhile, Panda Update 20 was rolled out in September 27. According to Matt Cutts of Google, the refresh affected 2.4 percent of English queries and about 0.5 percent of non-English queries.


3. Panda Update 3.9. 3.9.1 and 3.9.2.

Panda Update 3.9.1 was released in August 20 which, as Google had claimed, only affected about 1 percent of queries. This came after Panda update 3.9 was released in July 24.

Another refresh, called Panda Update 3.9.2, was released last September 21 and affected less than 0.7 percent of all queries. It was said to be a slight adjustment to the previous 3.9.1 update.


4 Panda Update 3.7 and 3.8

The update 37 was rolled out by Google and affected only 1 percent of queries which was pretty much like the other updates.

Panda Update 38 was confirmed to have been released last June 25. Google said it only affected about 1 percent of all queries.


5. Panda Update 1.1         

This Panda update was referred to by Matt Cutts as a minor weather report tweet called a data refresh. It was reported to have impacted one-tenth of a percent of all queries in English.


6. Panda Update 3.6

On April 27th, Google revealed that it had rolled out Panda Update 3.6 which it considered as a very small and unnoticeable Panda refresh. According to one of Google’s spokespersons, it was “just one of the over 500 changes they make to their ranking algorithms each year as part of their commitment providing a great user experience to its searchers by giving them high-quality websites on their search results”.


7. Penguin Update

The Webspam Algorithm Update, popularly called Penguin Update, was rolled out by Google on April 27. This was aimed to make their users have a user friendly experience. The Penguin Update was designed to catch sites that have been spamming Google’s search results.


8. Panda Update 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5

The Panda Update 3.2 was the first change for the year 2012. The 3.3 update was released in March 1 which still aimed at giving users a more convenient search experience. The update 3.4 was released on March 27 that targeted low quality sites.


9. Page Layout Algorithm

Last January 26, this was released by Google. This algorithmic change evaluated the page layout of websites and the content that users were able to see once they clicked and viewed a search result. This was a response to the complaints of many users wherein they would have to scroll through a series of advertisements before they can actually see the content of the site.


10. Google Search plus Your World

This is a change brought about by Google to its Google Search by making it more social and personalized, as well as making it richer.


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