How to Build a WordPress Website?

3 July 2013


Berlin: DO you think WordPress is just for blogs? Think again! WordPress is a great option for small businesses seeking an easy, professional way to create great designs for their website content. Let’s take a quick look at 4 easy WordPress design techniques for creating a wonderful site. 

1. Choose a Theme

The sky is the limit when it comes to WordPress themes, but keep a couple of points in mind:

Decide a theme that suits your needs — The theme should reflect the personality of your company. It should also take in any crucial elements you need to present the type of content you have. Spend some time researching obtainable theme options before you just select one that strikes your fancy.

Consider your readiness to dabble in the code — If you are familiar with coding and like tweaking things, you can pick a theme you love even if it has a few elements you’re not really contented with. If you’re the type of person who gets nervous just looking at a block of code, stick with a theme that meets your requirements as is.

2. Customize Your Theme

Do a quick Google search and you’ll come about with thousands of widgets and plug-ins for your WordPress site. They’re the best way to tailor your theme, including special capabilities such as social media buttons and other common website elements. Just about any WordPress web design goal can be accomplished with the right plug-in or widget, so take some time to familiarize yourself with what’s out there and how to make it work for you.

3. Include Well-Chosen Images

We’ve all seen those mind-numbing, generic stock photos of people shaking hands or sitting at a computer in an office. Don’t be tedious with your images. Choose something that directly supports the message you’re trying to communicate. If you can’t find something already out there, design your own graphic or snap some photos yourself.

4. Consider a Blog

If your business lends itself to a blog, WordPress provides a great platform for including one on your website. WordPress web design makes blogging simple. Regular updates are the key to a great blog, so don’t commit to one if you’re only going to post every six months.

Like any new platform, WordPress web design takes some experimentation and research to learn. However, it’s also one of the simplest ways to quickly design and format content for a small website.

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