How to Promote a Mobile App without Investment?

28 October 2014

Berlin: Mobile applications have gained a lot of importance these days. They have become the part and parcel of our lives today. It requires a bulk investment to develop a mobile application that helps in achieving your goals. After spending a huge amount of money on developing an app, you also have to invest on the promotion of your application. But now, you don’t have to worry about the investments on promoting a mobile app, as there are many ways by which you can reach wider audience.

Here are few methods by which you can promote a mobile app:

Building a teaser website: A teaser helps you to go a long way while ensuring a successful launch of your application. Creating the awareness of your product long before its launch allows people to interact with your app if they’re somewhat familiar with it.

Building a microsite: Microsite is an individual web page through which you can attract audience by telling them what your app is all about.

Make a product video: Video is an effective way to make the customers understand your intent on building the application. If the video is good enough, audience will eventually be attracted towards your app.

Share your app’s content on social media platforms: Keep sharing and updating your app’s content on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and others. As many businesses are entering into social media today, it grabs the attention of potential customers and increases the visibility of your product.

Start a blog: You can provide users with an engaging content in the form of a blog which enhances the customer’s interest on your app. You can also attach the blog to your microsite which helps you to reach more readers.

Pitching on to app review websites: One of the well-known avenues through which your app can reach the top of the app store sales charts is through the reviews posted on popular app review sites.

Reach out to the press and bloggers: If you have any friends from a press, they can help you in attaining the publicity of your app. Bloggers who are very influential could also help you in promoting the app.

Create a podcast: Podcast is a digital medium which is in trend these days. You can make an effective use of podcasts through which you can tell the users what is your app all about.

Leverage Pinterest: It’s a visual discovery tool using which you can create content about your app that interests users. You can make the content more attractive by adding images and graphics.

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