Improving Drupal’s Reputation as a World-Class, Open-Source eCommerce Platform through PCI Compliance

29 July 2013

Berlin: New white paper clarifies PCI-DSS compliance for Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

In a fast growing eCommerce industry, lots of agencies are finding it hard to keep pace with ever-changing standards and regulations, but a lately released white paper on Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance will offer the Drupal community with insight into its necessary process. Written and reviewed by professionals in the Drupal community, the white paper offers high-level summary and well-defined next steps to guard businesses accepting credit card payments.

“Any eCommerce solution must meet a high bar with respect to best practices and security if they are to be taken seriously in today’s market,” said Rick Manelius, project architect of NEWMEDIA. “Neither software vendors nor merchants can afford to bury their heads in the sand regarding PCI responsibilities, nor does this paper serve to educate both.”

“Many merchants and site builders in the Drupal community are just getting started with eCommerce, and therefore haven’t delved into the issues around PCI compliance very deeply yet,” Manelius said. “Assisting others in this process served as my inspiration to assemble and distribute this information.”

Commerce Guys, the company behind Drupal Commerce, sponsored the white paper together with six other companies that saw the require for focus in this important area’s

Available in markdown, HTML and PDF, the white paper is the first of its kind to be geared specially in the direction of the Drupal community. It underlines Drupal’s position as an eCommerce platform that takes security critically. For more information, please visit to read the full paper and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

About Rick Manelius

Rick Manelius is a self-described jack-of-all-trades. An engineer by training, he earned a bachelor of science and a Ph.D. in material science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has printed eight papers in different scientific journals and conference proceedings.

Rick has always found web development rewarding and determined to change his career path and move into Drupal because of its power of having an immediate, large impact on the lives of businesses and their clients. He has more than four years of experience with Drupal eCommerce, mainly on membership-based sites with recurring billing. His passion for “doing things right” is a driving force behind his work.

About Commerce Guys

Featured in Gartner Inc.’s Cool Vendors in eCommerce 2012 and 2013 reports, Commerce Guys is the originator of Drupal Commerce, one of the fastest growing eCommerce solutions with over 28,000 active sites global. Drupal Commerce is revolutionary software integrating commerce, content and community to create engaging Web experiences that bring e-retailers maximum traffic to drive extra commerce. Commerce Guys technology and know-how offers online merchants with the powerful, responsive and innovative eCommerce solutions they need to thrive.

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