Magento Go Will Be Going Away

21 August 2014

Berlin: Magento Go is an online service that assists small business merchants develop a dominant store to sell your products and services online, promptly and effortlessly. With Magento Go there is no software to set up and organize as well as no servers to handle. The technology can be managed easily so that you can concentrate on running and raising your online business. You are offered a robust set of tools to help you build, administer and develop your store.

All through the Magento Imagine conference, a lot of attendees wondered that the duration of the Magento Go service was short-term. The hosted version of Magento never gained the market penetration which other more alarming hosted solutions attained. As per Re/code, one of those competitors, BigCommerce has signed a deal to drift existing Go customers to the BigCommerce podium.

Neither eBay nor BigCommerce offered a comment to Re/code for their story.

If proved, the deal indicates eBay’s move to focus on more established businesses as its target market. However, small and promising retailers are being entertained by Magento’s open source and free Community version. In reality, statistics recommend more than 200,000 online businesses work on the Community podium.

In March 2014, Magento slash dozens of employees and the guesswork Go’ futures started within the Magento developer community.

BigCommerce emerge from an open source podium itself into a hosted solution, made flourishing by combative marketing and an arrival of venture capital. It is imprecise how stores on MagentoGO will switch to BigCommerce. Both Magento and BigCommerce have offices in Austin, Texas.

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