Most Interesting Things about Test Automation for Mobile Apps

23 January 2015

Berlin: Test automation is a technique of using special software in order to manage test execution and also to compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. The process lets you automate some repetitive tasks in a formalized way while adding some additional tests which would be difficult to perform manually. It can be categorized into two main types; they are functional testing and UI testing.

There are several other testing types like security testing, web service testing, database testing, ETL testing (External transfer and load) and so on. Professional automation software is an ideal solution for the common problem of developing a robust, high-quality and reliable software under today’s ever-growing complex technologies. Automation testing is an apt solution for such problems; it also offers the following business benefits.

  • Testing efficiency will be increased
  • Effectiveness of testing will be increased
  • Software reaches the market soon

Mobile app development is very different when compared to a web app or embedded software. App development is supposed to be agile; so, there are several tools which have been developed to keep up that agility. Testing an app manually is never agile and so the automation testing has been tremendous for app and game developers; it helps them in speeding up the process while yielding better results.

Below mentioned are a few things to consider while automating mobile app testing:

  1. Costs and assets: Irrespective of manual or automation testing, you need to have some most essential assets like people, time, tools and infrastructure (all cost money). Based on the size of the project and type of the application, test automation provides a decent return on investment (ROI).
  2. Integrated app development and testing cycle: Sometimes testing has to be repeated several times in order to ensure the best quality of the app. The test must be repeated every time you modify the source code. The software should be tested on all the variants of supported operating system and also on all hardware configurations for each and every new release. So, manual testing would consume a lot of time when compared to automation.
  3. Tools and technology: Select the most robust and best cross-platform method; so that you can exploit the most out of your efforts and can also maximize your testing coverage. The method of automation can also be used to reduce costs by generating test cases. Sometimes, full automation of the huge software entities could cost more than the company’s expectation.

Ways to automate mobile testing:

  1. Handwritten test scripts: Usually, this method is the best choice when you are aware of what exactly you are doing and you have some programming-capable people to generate test scripts. This might take more time and tie up the resources; but, the outcome will definitely reach your expectation.
  2. Record-playback approach: This method is less prone to errors when compared to other methods as you don’t have to write any code for it. The tests can quickly be recorded and can be played as and when you need. This is usually generally while checking the software against different operating systems or hardware configurations. The approach is mainly focused on user-driven activities and user interactions.
  3. Automatic test exercisers: It’s mainly concerned about the user interface (clicking buttons, opening menus, swiping and so on). It offers an ideal way to smoke-test applications. Test exercisers usually provide the least accurate results; but they give us a quick feedback on successive iterations.

Testing plays a vital role in ensuring the success of a mobile application, as a poorly tested app could put your development efforts in vain. In order to ensure the efficiency of testing, cloud based service is the best option which covers the breadth of today’s mobile eco system.

At Fortune Innovations Berlin, we ensure the better services related to mobile and web application development as we have adroit developers and testers who possess diverse experience in the field. Reach out to us and make the best use of our mobile app development services.

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