Undeniable Significance of Usability & Performance in Web Designing!

25 February 2015

Berlin: The number of usability designers across the world is really small, but we can’t deny the fact that it’s growing steadily. Most of the designers consider themselves as an expert in certain fields like website layouts, icon design, graphic design, animations, etc. But when it comes to user interface designing, the most important thing is to provide a brilliant user experience. This can only be done by paying more attention on the usability and speedy performance.

Web designing is often seen as a creative medium and hence the designers should be experts in UI designs. Because, they are not just designing a portrait to be hung on a wall; but it’s a website where the people interact. In fact the most of the times, a good website is separated from the bad one just by looking at its ease of interactivity and user experience it offers.

Here are a few basic concepts that would help designers in improving the usability:

  1. Symmetrical code: Designing a responsive website is really a detailed and convoluted process. You need to develop an entire layout which updates all the things based on the dimension of the screen. So the layout should be coded using one codebase of HTML and CSS. As you get used to it, it will be very easier because you can plan your moves ahead of the time. But while designing the usability, experts usually advise to stick on to a single symmetric code as the layout will be flexible at any screen size.
  2. Consistent load times: Slow pace load times are usually the main cause for temporary mood changes of an internet user. Users generally say that it’s not such a big deal; but, they also agree that waiting for about 5 to 6 seconds for each page to load is really frustrating. The best way to reduce oversized assets and offload HTTP requests; this makes the web server run faster. Though you can’t see the latency time in web designing, it would give you a same effect as a poorly executed design.
  3. Planning ahead: It is always a good thing to keep your mind focused on your future path. The best time to plan up is when you take up a new project (while still everything is fresh). New concepts, new ideas, and the endless opportunities will be waiting for a creative mind focused on usability. User interface designing has never been easy, but it can be made easier by simplifying the entire process.
  4. Interactive user fields: Form fields are usually the most important pieces for any layout. Presuming that the website is little interactive, form fields connect visitors into the websites easily. Normally, static pages place more focus on usability when it comes to content structure and the navigation. Here, both the topics are really important and you need to strike a balance between both the factors. So, before tackling with the design, make sure that the forms are intuitive and usable.

Usability and performance is essentially a matter of simplicity and ease of use. It’s definitely a problem if a page takes long time to load or a page copy is ambiguous. Designers can rectify it by spending some time and focusing a bit on the user experience. You can certainly avoid a lot of frustration down the lane by organizing an executable design and usability plan.

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