WhatsApp Takes Over The VoIP/Voice Calling Market

14 April 2015

Berlin: WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application being used by number of people across the world. The app keeps on releasing the new updates very often with some minor changes in the feature. But this time it’s not the minor one, but the update has actually been a nightmare for many similar applications. Yes! Finally the much awaited WhatsApp voice calling feature is out now and it’s rolling out everywhere.

Since when the app is released, it’s has been a leader across all the platforms (BBM, Windows, Apple) leaving behind several other similar messaging applications like BBM, WeChat, Hike and so on. But now, it’s stepped into VoIP market and taking a chance to compete with Viber, Skype and other apps which support voice calling feature. The most enticing voice calling feature is now available and you can enjoy free voice calling feature on your phones.

Today, the app has been so popular and it has almost over 465 million users to its user base and the number is still growing vigorously. The days are not far that the traditional phone calls will be replaced by VoIP platform where the users make voice calls over the internet. So WhatsApp is gearing itself by enabling the voice calling feature. But still if the app has to compete with several other major platforms, it certainly has to consider the following two things.

The two main areas that the app has to focus on:

  • Quality of voice and service
  • Cost for VoIP calling

If these two things are clarified, WhatsApp can definitely reach a huge user base in no time. That too with a giant like Facebook bracing them up, they can reach wider audiences very soon. But if you want to activate this voice calling feature, you need to update WhatsApp and follow some simple steps described below.     

Steps to be followed to avail voice calling feature on WhatsApp:

  1. Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp on your devices as the older versions do not support this feature.
  2. Once you install the updated version of the app, ask any of your contacts who have enabled voice calling feature to call you on WhatsApp.
  3. You also have to note that few users have reported that giving just a missed call will not work; you need to receive the call and at least have to hold on a few seconds before disconnecting the call. This enables WhatsApp calling feature on your device.
  4. You will see a new three tab screen on WhatsApp (calls, chats and contacts) when the feature is enabled.

The reviews have been good for the app’s new feature; if they just look into a few minor improvements to be made, no doubt that the WhatsApp is going to take over the voice calling market. 

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